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#+begin_src dot :file digraph2.png :cmdline -Kdot -Tpng  
digraph D {
 node [ shape = polygon,
  sides = 4,
  distortion = "0.0",
  orientation = "0.0",
  skew = "0.0",
  color = "#aaaaaa",
  style = filled,
  fontname = "Helvetica-Outline" ];
  apocalypse [sides=9 skew=".32" color="purple"]
  apocalypse -> zombie
  apocalypse -> zombies
  shovel [skew=".56" color="#aa2222"]
  subgraph singular {
    zombie -> shovel [color="#440000"]
    shovel -> run
  run [sides=9, color=salmon2];
  subgraph plural {
    zombies -> run [color="#00a4d4"]
Then inside the buffer you can evaluate the code with “C-c C-c”, and you can see the results of evaluating the code with “C-c C-o”. This is made possible by Org-babel, a cool tool that allows you to run scripts from different languages in a single Org-mode buffer. Not only that but you can pipe output from one code block to another code block written in a different language. I will have more blog posts about this in the future. Org-babel is a part of Org-mode since Org-mode 7.x or so. Exciting stuff!

Further Reading

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