Phone Update Update: Wow, That Was Fast

I just updated my G1/dream to CyanogenMod- with danger spl. The actual flashing of the 3 different roms (danger-spl, defanged base, cm- part only took about 20 minutes. This was after I had already downloaded all of the necessary files, copied them to the SD card and verified my radio version (Settings->About phone->Baseband version).

The first time you root your phone it will take a bit longer than this. One of the reasons it is much faster after the first time, is because during the initial rooting process, you load a “recovery utility” that you will use later.

Now to wait for CyanogenMod-5.0.7 to drop.

So how do I know if the Danger SPL is loaded? (via this cyanogenmod forum post)

1. Turn off phone.
2. Hold the camera button on the side and press the red power button. If you are using Danger SPL, you’ll see a white screen with 3 androids riding skateboards. At the top of the screen you’ll see the text:

like this:
G1/dream android phone: danger spl screen